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Notice Board 2020-2021

Hariyana Vidya Mandir



Dear Parents

A gentle reminder. As you are aware, the pandemic Covid-19 has thrown the entire system out of gear.

Our School Management, realising your immediate concerns, had taken certain positive steps to help you tide over the crisis.

As a private and unaided institution we have certain unavoidable fixed expenses. Inspite of that, we have already rolled back the increased fees and deferred payment of the same for the first quarter till 10th June 2020 without imposing any fine.

Hence, we request your good selves to be kind enough to deposit the fees for the first quarter within the stipulated time and oblige.

Let us remain united in our fight and overcome the situation soon.




The West Bengal Contract Carriage Owners and Operators Association has offered a waiver of 30% on the monthly fees for school buses for the first quarter of 2020-21 session.

Our School Management has decided to pass on this benefit to our students.

Therefore please note that there will be a decrease of 30% on the school bus fees for the first quarter (April, May, June) of this session only.

However, transport fees will remain the same for the remaining two quarters of session 2020-21 (as per last year).

Those who have already paid the bus fees for the first quarter, the excess amount will be refunded or adjusted later.





Dear Parents,

It is unfortunate that the world is facing such a pandemic period and in these trying times we should stand by each other. Even this will pass. The School Management has decided to relieve you from paying the increased fees for the academic year 2020-21.

It is hereby declared that there will be No Increase Of School Fees this year (except class XI). You are expected to pay the fee structure of the last academic year.

Those of you who have already paid for the month of April or more, the excess amount will be refunded or adjusted once the school offices open and situation comes to normalcy.

The payment gateway has been disabled to restructure the schools fees. It will again be activated from 17/05/20.

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.





Time Schedule for online classes LKG:

Date Subject (11.30 am - 12.30 pm)
6/5/20 General Awareness
8/5/20 English
11/5/20 Mathematics
13/5/20 English
15/5/20 General Awareness / Drawing
18/5/20 English
20/5/20 Mathematics
22/5/20 General Awareness / Drawing


Time Schedule for online classes (UKG - V):

Date Subject (10 am - 11 am) Class
6/5/20 Science III-V
7/5/20 English UKG-V
8/5/20 Mathematics UKG-V
11/5/20 EVS / Social Science I-II / III-V
12/5/20 Hindi / Bengali UKG - V
13/5/20 Computer I-V
14/5/20 Science III-V
15/5/20 English UKG-V
18/5/20 Mathematics UKG-V
19/5/20 EVS / Social Science I-II / III - V
20/5/20 Hindi / Bengali UKG-V
21/5/20 Computer I-V


Time Schedule for online classes (VI- VIII):

Date Subject (11 am - 12 noon)
6/5/20 English
7/5/20 Hindi/Bengali
8/5/20 Mathematics
11/5/20 Science
12/5/20 Social Science
14/5/20 English
15/5/20 Hindi/Bengali
18/5/20 Mathematics
19/5/20 Science
20/5/20 Social Science
21/5/20 Computer


 Time Schedule for online classes (IX/X/XII):



List of candidates selected for admission in XI-20-21 Morning Shift 

List of candidates selected for admission in XI-20-21 Day Shift


In view of the prevailing unprecedented crisis of a countrywide lockdown, the date for online submission of school fees has been extended till 30th May 2020 without any late fine. 




Following the Govt. directive of a nationwide lockdown owing to Covid-19, we are unable to begin our new session 2020-2021 from 15th April 2020.

Considering this as an opportunity for "School-Home Collaboration for Learning", project topics for all subjects from classes UKG to IX will be provided to the students so that their time may be utilized in a productive manner.

Online classes for class 9/10/12 will resume from 20th April 2020.

Schedule for the online classes will be provided soon.