Important Days

Important Days To Remember

8th May :     Tagore Day

5th June :    World Environment Day

11th July :   World Population Day

Shravan Purnima :   Guru Purnima Day

9th August :   Quit India Day

15th August :   Sri Aurobindo’s Day

30th August :   Telegraph School Awards of Excellence Day

8th September :   World Literacy Day

16th September :   World Ozone Protection Day

1st October :   World Aged Day

3rd October :   World Habitat Day

16th October :   World Food Day

24th October :   United Nations Day

1st November :    Hariyana Diwas

11th November :   National Education Day

1st December :    World AIDS Day

10th December :   Human Rights Day

12th January :    Vivekananda Day (National Youth Day)

30th January :     Martyr’s Day

28th February :   National Science Day

8th March :     International Women’s Day

15th March :   Consumer Protection Day